Baby Basics

Newborn Exam

Dr. Kerry Fierstein walks us through what to expect at a newborn exam for your baby.


Visiting a Newborn

With the concern of COVID19 and your new bundle of joy, Dr. Kerry Fierstein discusses family and friends visiting your baby at home and the pre-cautions that should be taken.


How to Calm a Fussy Baby

Dr. Kerry Fierstein provides some tricks on how to soothe a fussy baby and gives us a great demonstration on the proper swaddling techniques.


One Month Exam

Dr. Kerry Fierstein covers the milestones you can expect to see and the questions you may have about your one-month-old.


Allied Physicians Group Webinar Series

Prenatal Breastfeeding

This webinar is for mothers who are interested in hearing from top pediatricians about everything they should know regarding breastfeeding their baby and why it is so important.


Everything You Need To Know About Your Newborn

This webinar covers feeding. sleep & SIDS, swaddling, grooming, when to worry, visits & vaccines, how to choose a pediatrician, COVID & your newborn, self-care, and more!


What to Expect When Expecting During COVID-19

This webinar’s panel includes Pediatricians from Allied Physicians Group, OBGYN’s and a Mental Health Counselor.  The discussion focuses on COVID19 and pregnancy, as well as, COVID19 and your new baby.

Click here for an update from Allied Physicians Group about the Coronavirus- COVID19 infections in our area.