Allied Physicians Group and Tyto Care Sign Agreement to Bring Remote Telehealth Exams to Allied’s Vast Network of Patients

April 18, 2017


 Allied Physicians Group and Tyto Care Sign Agreement to Bring Remote Telehealth Exams to Allied’s Vast Network of Patients

 Group on the Forefront of Healthcare Technologies Commits to Innovative Telehealth Platform

 (Melville, NY) April 18th, 2017 – Allied Physicians Group, based in Melville, NY, announced today that they have signed an agreement with Tyto Care, a telehealth company with breakthrough technology for conducting remote medical exams and telehealth visits, to offer Tyto Care’s remote examination tool and platform to its patients for more convenient, timely and productive access to Allied physicians.

“Early on we identified Tyto Care as a company pushing the telehealth industry forward by providing the missing link in telehealth – a comprehensive, remote medical examination designed to replicate an in-office visit. With their recent FDA clearance, we are excited to be one of the first health systems to roll out Tyto’s solution,” said Etan Walls, COO at Allied Physicians Group. “We believe in being on the forefront of technologies that improve the level of care we can provide and make life a bit simpler for our Allied patients and parents.”

Tyto Care recently launched its comprehensive telehealth solutions for doctors and patients. The physical exam data captured by Tyto – which combines an advanced, consumer-friendly digital stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer and examination camera with a secure data exchange, clinical repository and live telehealth visits – provides vital information that enables doctors to make diagnoses with the confidence of an in-person visit.

“As a parent, the inherent value of a remote medical exam is quite evident. As a healthcare technology professional, it’s even greater,” stated Ricardo Santiago,
Allied’s VP of Technology. “I believe what Tyto Care offers can truly be a significant healthcare disruptor.”

Allied President, Gary Mirkin, MD, added, “Where as before, telehealth wasn’t really much more than a televideo call, Tyto Care offers the parent the ability to assist the doctor – with the doctor looking on remotely – by pointing the device into the child’s ears, by placing it in the child’s mouth, and utilizing it to listen to the child’s heart. It includes an otoscope, stethoscope, thermometer, and hi-def camera. It also has the ability to limit extraneous office visits, enable access to care for those who have transportation issues or other circumstances whereby this would be more comfortable. Potentially, it could also lower the number of antibiotics prescribed as the child would be seen by their pediatrician, and not in an urgent care or emergency room. This obviously isn’t a substitute for all office visits but it will be less expensive than visiting an urgent care or an ER, and will keep the visit within the walls of the medical home- of which Allied divisions are NCQA Certified- Level 3.”

“Rapidly evolving alternatives to the traditional doctors’ office visit have created an expectation for round-the-clock availability to care. The next step in healthcare goes beyond telemedicine to “virtual visits” – which we’ll soon be introducing to 1,000 Allied families during our initial rollout with Tyto Care,” said Stewart Samuel, MD, Chairman of Allied’s Clinical Technology Committee. “We’ll begin by focusing on patients with chronic conditions, including some common recurring problems like ear infections or respiratory illness, as well as those who have a barrier to getting to the office, whether due to a disability, transportation, those who risk infection, or are uncomfortable in an office setting. There are so many scenarios where Tyto could enhance care of our patients- students away at college, families away on vacation, and nurses in a school or camp setting, just to name a few. With so many options for after-hour and out-of-the-office care, this is an option that allows Allied patients to use their Allied providers and maintain the continuity of care that is essential in Pediatrics and primary care medicine.”

“Partnering with Allied Physicians Group will help bring telehealth visits and comprehensive remote examinations to more patients, bringing us a step further toward fulfilling the promise of telehealth, ” said Dedi Gilad, CEO and Co-Founder of Tyto Care. “We are proud to be collaborating with Allied, a leader in the healthcare community, to extend the reach of their physicians by making access to healthcare easier and more convenient, and to improve the well-being of the patients they serve.”

About Allied Physicians Group

Allied Physicians Group is a partnership of more than 180 dedicated, caring physicians and 640 highly trained support staff serving 150,000 patients in Long Island, Greater NYC, and the Hudson Valley. For more information,

About Tyto Care

Tyto Care is transforming primary care by putting health in the hands of consumers. The company seamlessly connects people to clinicians to provide the best home examination and diagnosis solutions.

Tyto Care has three new telehealth products, TytoHome™ for consumers, TytoPro™ for professionals and TytoClinic™ for remote point-of-care. TytoHome connects consumers to clinicians for a comprehensive medical examination and remote telehealth visit anywhere and anytime. TytoPro enables clinicians to capture and share remote examination data, conduct a specialist consultation, or get a second opinion. TytoClinic is a complete, compact solution that turns any location into a comprehensive remote telehealth clinic.

Tyto Care was founded by Dedi Gilad, Ofer Tzadik and industry experts in 2012. The company has received over $19 million in funding from investors including Cambia Health Solutions, Walgreens, Orbimed and Fosun Pharma. The Tyto Stethoscope is cleared by the FDA and all TytoCare devices fully comply with FDA regulatory requirements. See

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