August Allergies & Asthma? Try Telemedicine!

August 27, 2019

By: Naomi Zilkha, MD (Telemedicine, Allied Physicians Group)

Hi Allied!

It’s #TelemedicineTuesday!

The end of August. I can smell it in the air, and my lungs and sinuses can definitely feel it.

Along with the smell, I get a knot in my stomach—that the new school year is on its way. Only this year—for the first time in 20 years 😮—that knot in my stomach is for old time’s sake.

I’m officially empty nested. We moved my younger daughter into her dorm at Cornell (looks more like a prison from the first season of Orange Is The New Black to me….)

Since this is a big-time for New Yorkers to take end-of-season vacations while the rest of the country has started the school year, after-hours telemedicine has been somewhat quiet.

But, remember that I’m here for your after-hours help. Late summer allergies and asthma? I’m suffering right there with you, and have many tips to navigate the season.

Have after-hours baby questions? Please try a telemedicine visit. Even if your baby is asleep, I can still learn a lot just by watching them sleep.

Not sure a telemedicine consult can help you? Give it a try. I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it is to get going even for your first visit.

So remember, skip the after-hours urgent care, and #ThinkTelemedicine instead!!


-Dr. Z

Download it before you need it! To learn more about the Allied Telehealth program and how to download TytoCare, click here.