COVID-19 Asthma Update from Strauss Allergy & Asthma

March 13, 2020

By: Dr. Raphael Strauss, Dr. Robyn Kreiner, and Dr. Khalid Ahmad (Strauss Allergy & Asthma, Commack & Woodbury, NY)

Allied Physicians are getting many questions related to patients with asthma and coronavirus COVID-19.  Fortunately, Strauss Allergy and Asthma is a great resource. While this is an evolving situation and information may change, our current recommendations are:

1 Take your controller asthma medications regularly as prescribed.

2 Have medication available but there is no reason to stockpile extra medication.

3 Children with asthma that is well-controlled do not appear to be at higher risk for severe outcomes. We are not hearing about excessive hospitalizations or severe cases in children in general in China, South Korea or other countries that have more cases.

We are concerned with the overall health and well-being of people and especially children in general at this time. The anxiety over this infection far exceeds the actual personal risk. We recommend keeping your kids in school if school is open. Follow public health recommendations regarding avoiding large gatherings, frequent hand washing, and reasonable social distancing. Above all, remain calm, rational and we will get through this together.

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