COVID & Recent Child Hospitalizations

December 27, 2021

By: Dr. Eric Levene- Chester Pediatrics (White Plains, NY)

NYS is reporting a four-fold increase of COVID-19 hospitalizations for children 18 and under in New York City. The rest of the state, and the country, may not be far behind this disturbing trend. On a more positive note, during the week of Dec. 19th, NO child ages 5-11 who was fully vaccinated was admitted to the hospital and only one-third of 12-17-year old’s admitted to the hospital were fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, half of all admission are children under 5 years of age who are not yet eligible for vaccination. This tells us that vaccines work in preventing hospitalization and serious illness in our children.   

Your trusted pediatricians at Allied Physicians Group are urging parents to get their children (5 years and older) vaccinated. The best way to protect children under 5 is by making sure the people around them are vaccinated, boosted, practicing proper mask-wearing, avoiding crowds, and are getting tested. We understand how difficult it is to get a covid test currently, so please call your Allied office if you need an appointment. We are doing our best to make this easier for our patients.

Everyone should be aware of common COVID-19 symptoms among their children.  The symptoms can include fatigue, headache, trouble sleeping, muscle aches, cough that may become productive, sore throat, chills, nasal congestion, and new loss of taste or smell.  You do not need to have a fever to have COVID illness. 

Please be safe, wear a mask, vaccinate if eligible and remember your trusted Allied physicians are your best source for current updates. 

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