Getting Outside with your Kids

June 18, 2019

By: Naomi Zilkha, MD (Telemedicine, Allied Physicians Group)

Hi Allied! It’s time for #TelemedicineTuesday

This week in after-hours Telemedicine, I saw a variety of patients: more pink eye (topic of last week’s Telemedicine Tuesday), insect bites of all varieties (ticks included), visits from patients home from college doing remote visits for ADHD medication follow up, many babies: rashes, feeding and pooping issues, and some summer colds.

Although it’s not directly Telemedicine related, I encourage you to get outside with your kids, if you can.

I took my first swim of the season this weekend (well, it was more paddling around my pool for an hour with my 21-year-old daughter talking about everything).

This weekend, I also planted flowers in the pots I have on my front walkway. As I was digging my hands in the dirt, I was taking a walk down memory lane to when my kids were little and they would plant the flowers along with me.

I also have lots of memories of sitting in the dirt counting rocks of different shapes and sizes.

And hula hooping contests. Lots of hula hooping.

So, what’s your favorite outdoor activity to do with your kids? I’d love to see a photo!

And remember, for after-hours urgent care, #ThinkAlliedTelemedicine first!

-Dr. Z