Head Injuries & Telemedicine

By: Naomi Zilkha, MD (Telemedicine, Allied Physicians Group)

Hi Allied,

It’s #TelemedicineTuesday!

Today I’m going to talk about head injuries. This week, I had a Telemedicine patient who had an etch-a-sketch injury (sibling shaking it too vigorously), and a corner hit the patient in the head.

In this particular case, I did recommend going to urgent care to have it glued. The patient was on vacation in Upstate New York, but for Long Island, I would have referred to Dr. STITCH, which is a great service that enables patients to connect with a plastic surgeon for injuries 24/7.

Often though, I make recommendations for head injuries that don’t involve leaving home. If it’s minor enough, I recommend icing and observation.

It really helps to be able to see the patients so I know which ones can just ice the injury and observe it the next day, which ones need close observation during the night. Which ones need Allied follow-up in the morning, and (I haven’t had one of these yet with Telemedicine) ones that would need to go to the Emergency Room.

Remember, for after-hours Urgent Care, think #AlliedTelemedicine first!


-Dr. Z

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