Telemedicine and Lice Checks

August 13, 2019

By: Naomi Zilkha, MD (Telemedicine, Allied Physicians Group)

Hi Allied! It’s #TelemedicineTuesday!

And it’s National Left Handers Day!!

Left-handed fist bump to all my fellow Allied Lefties!

This weekend, I saw Dear Evan Hanson on Broadway (totally recommend it!) to celebrate my younger daughter’s 18th birthday.

Afterwards, we were walking around Times Square, and I saw some camp buses dropping off counselors, which made me think about how busy I used to be in private practice on the day the kids returned from sleep-away camp.

Then, today, my niece who just came back from being a counselor at a camp texted me to see if I could check her for lice, since lice was going around her camp.

Which made me remember the lines we had out the door for lice checks before parents would let their kids enter their home.

I will be doing her lice check in person later today, but lice checks can be done easily via telemedicine. So take one post-camp worry off your list as you get to work on post-camp laundry.

For questions about lice or any other creepy crawlers, after-hours, #ThinkTelemedicine!

-Dr. Z

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