World Health Day

April 5, 2019

By: Eric Levene, MD, Chester Pediatrics (White Plains, New York)

Did you know that April 7th is World Health Day?  Each year since 1950 the World Health Organization highlights a particular aspect of healthcare.  For 2019, the theme is Universal Healthcare.  While you can debate the pros and cons of universal healthcare and the multiple different types of universal coverage, what is most important is that all people have access to healthcare, especially children.

While there are many contributing factors to raising a healthy child, the importance of routine healthcare appointments and recommended immunizations cannot be overlooked.  Making sure your children see their healthcare provider on the recommended schedule is very important.  Your provider has the knowledge and experience to make sure your child is developing normally, discuss diet and exercise, perform appropriate lab tests, as well as administer the appropriate vaccines.  As your child progresses to the teen years, the provider will discuss safety measures with you and your teen. Whether it be, social (digitally or in person, drug and alcohol-related, school safety, and mental health. These well visits with your provider are not only physical exams, they are comprehensive visits. 

In addition to medicine, pediatricians are qualified to discuss the importance of nutrition at any age with your family. At any age, it is essential that your child has a well-balanced diet.  This doesn’t begin and end at caloric intake. The types of calories, fats, sugars, and proteins your child is getting are leading factors in their overall health.  We are able to identify subtle signs of possible eating disorders as well as assist in treatment.

Pediatricians are advocates for your child.  We here to support your child and your family as a whole.  Universal healthcare may be the theme for 2019, but healthcare is what pediatricians do best, universally.