COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Many of you have called our offices asking about COVID testing. Antibody testing is a piece of the puzzle in determining whether or not someone has had COVID infection. The results of Antibody tests are best interpreted in the context of your clinical history. This means your pediatrician is the best person to help you decide if testing is appropriate and when it is most useful. Your pediatrician is also the best person to help you interpret the test. Please contact us before making any decisions about COVID antibody testing. We are here to help.

If you are interested in the possibility of having this test done for your children, please call or schedule a telehealth visit with your Allied pediatrician to discuss whether or not testing is right for you, and how we can make it happen. The COVID testing requires a venipuncture (blood draw) and cannot be done by fingerstick at this time. Results take 2-5 days to be reported.

While a positive antibody test may mean you have had COVID 19, no one can make any conclusions as to what the result will mean for the patient in terms of future immunity. We must all continue following the recommendations of social distancing, hand washing, and wear a face-covering while out.

Keeping you safe, healthy, and well-informed is Allied’s number one priority.

We are here for you and we will get through this together.