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A professional pediatric physician in Long Island New York at Allied Physicians Group ready to take care of children and babies

Our areas of expertise range from pediatrics, allergy and asthma, internal medicine and more.

Headquartered in Melville, NY, Allied Physicians Group is a partnership of more than 150 dedicated, caring physicians and 650 highly trained support staff serving over 180,000 patients throughout greater New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester County, the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Founded in 2006, Allied Physicians Group is the recognized leader in increasing healthcare efficiencies, patient satisfaction and profit, with a special emphasis on support, innovation and collaboration.

While we are a corporate entity, doctors joining Allied are “equal share partners” and owners of an independent medical practice. By joining our partnership, physicians receiving vital support in matters such as certification, RCM, accounting, financial services, analytical reporting, malpractice assistance, human resources management, marketing and more.

Gary Mirkin, President:

Gary Mirkin CEO of Allied Physicians Group

“Allied Physicians Group is a partnership for unparalleled care – a group of physicians who value our patients and invest in this relationship both professionally and personally. Unlike other practices that are owned by corporate entities, Allied physicians own the practice and work with one another to build a successful NCQA-certified, patient-centered medical home. Allied partners with hospitals, health insurers, and our patients to strengthen the quality of care we deliver.”

Are you a physician who wants to get back to doing what they do best – practicing the art of medicine? Learn more about the benefits of joining Allied Physicians Group today!

Practice Benefits

Get back to doing what you do best – the art of practicing medicine

The practice of medicine has become more and more challenging in recent years. Increasing costs and declining revenues have hurt private practice physicians, leaving many doctors and medical office staff more consumed with matters unrelated to patient care.

As a unified entity, we are able to join our resources to achieve economies of scale, exchange best practices and provide levels of care that unaligned practices are unable to achieve on their own.

We urge you to consider the following…

A typical medical practice faces these challenges and more:

  • Standalone entity balancing medicine with management
  • Small business with little or no access to business and marketing development, IT support, human resources, revenue cycle management and more
  • Difficulty managing costs and maintaining profitability
  • Difficulty managing workload during unexpected absences of staff and/or physicians
  • No ability to benchmark clinical or business performance
  • Little or no relationships with insurance payers
  • Billing and collection issues addressed by ill-equipped patient staff
  • Inadequate space for records

An Allied Physicians Group medical practice, on the other hand, enjoys the following benefits:

  • 150+ physician partners working together, from pediatricians, internal medicine physicians and more, sharing clinical, billing/coding and office management best practices
  • Coverage during unexpected absences
  • Access to management services from region’s most comprehensive management services
  • Reduced costs for vaccines, medical supplies and office expenditures
  • Strong working partnership with insurers
  • Dedicated contacts at insurers to resolve claim problems
  • Efficient billing and collections
  • Sophisticated revenue cycle analysis and reporting
  • Maintain the ability to hire and terminate employment within the practice
  • Maintain the ability to set office hours for doctors and work hours for staff
  • Marketing for your practice

And, most importantly – more time to practice medicine!

Kevin Edwards
Senior Vice President of Business Development