Asthma and Nebulizer Treatment During COVID



Due to the COVID pandemic, nebulizer treatments will no longer be possible in public places, like the doctor’s office, and the school nurse’s office. Fortunately, inhalers with spacers are equally effective, when used properly.

Your child needs to have a Metered Dose Inhaler (often called puffer or MDI) and a spacer for home and school use. The set for home should be brought to our office for any medical visit. We will use your personal spacer and MDI for any in-office treatments and under doctor’s supervision will be able to give the right amount of puffs to help with symptoms. Nebulizers may still be used within your home where the spread of germs cannot be prevented.

If you do not have an MDI and a spacer, please make an appointment with your pediatrician or with our Asthma Control Education (ACE) clinicians. All children and even adults get better results using a spacer along with an inhaler. Our ACE clinicians will review your asthma medications and update your asthma action plan. They will prescribe the appropriate medications and teach you and your child how to use the spacer for the best results. Please use the link below to schedule a telehealth appointment for asthma education. Our ACE clinicians work WITH your pediatrician, allergist, or pulmonologist. Because we share an Electronic Medical Record, all ACE visits are viewable by your Allied doctor and our ACE clinicians are able to see all of your past visits and prescriptions. Control is the goal and teamwork leads the way!

Getting vaccinated against Flu is especially important this year. The CDC recommends getting the flu vaccine in September and October. Contact your pediatrician for flu vaccine appointments. Please read the blog by Dr. Stephen Borchman about the importance of flu vaccine in patients with asthma.