3 Quick Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Summer

August 26, 2015

Allied Physicians Group Nutrition & Wellness team offers up some quick tips to enjoy a healthy summer with your family. 

Allied Nutrition & Wellness- 3 Quick Nutrition Tips For A Healthy Summer!!!

1. Encourage children to drink water throughout the summer days to stay hydrated but avoid fruit juices or sugary beverages.

Fun ways to enjoy water:

a. Add cut up citrus fruit, berries or melon for a sweet taste without added sugar. Fresh is best, but frozen works great too!

b. Adding some fresh herbs, like mint!

c. Seltzer adds some fizz and fun.

d. Serve fruit infused waters or seltzers in a cute and exciting water bottle to keep thingsinteresting! Straws can be fun too!

2. Build a balanced plate at home, when out or at a BBQ, by filling 50% of the plate with fruit and vegetables, 25% with lean meats/proteins (chicken breast, chicken or turkey burgers, lean beef, bean burgers) and 25% with a healthy carbohydrate option (whole wheat rolls, baked potato, whole wheat pasta salad but avoid salads with lots of mayonnaise).

3. It’s the season for fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown locally. Seek them out if available! If not, select plenty of fruit and vegetables when shopping for your BBQ, trip to the beach or pool party. Fruit and vegetables platters are always a great way to add lots of nutrition in the most natural way possible.

Watch the dips with these platters and try including some hummus, guacamole, light dressing or a yogurt dip for fruit! You can make fruits and veggies fun for children by cutting them into fun shapes, serving them on mini skewers or blending them into refreshing smoothies!

With these nutrition tips AND regular physical activity incorporated into your summer time fun, you’ll be able to enjoy a Happy and HEALTHY summer!

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