COVID Vaccines at Allied by Naomi Zilkha, MD

May 18, 2021

By: Dr. Naomi Zilkha- Allied Telehealth Division

The year was 2003. My older daughter was 5 years old and obsessed with everything Cinderella. We were going to be traveling to Disney World, and one main goal was for my daughter to get to have a meal with Cinderella.

This meal was something that had to be planned exactly 180 days in advance since it would sell out within minutes. Since this was before online reservations, everything had to be done by phone. Following the directions in the book we had bought (I really could have used a YouTube tutorial for this!), my husband and I planned a dry run on day 181. Then, the big day arrived! We called the number using 4 different phone lines and pressed speed dial as fast as we could, as many times as we could, until we got through. And we did it! We made that reservation!

Sure enough, 180 days later, my older daughter got to meet Cinderella, while my younger daughter, an active toddler, screamed through the entire lunch!

What does this have to do with getting a COVID vaccine at one of our Allied locations? I’ll tell you!

Last night, 5/12/21, the Allied shipment of Pfizer COVID vaccine appointments became available for our 12-18-year-olds at 4 pm, and there was a frenzy of activity both online and on the phone. All the slots were accounted for by 8pm. This gave me flashbacks to that crazy Cinderella scheduling. Today, 5/13/21, some of our patients have canceled their appointment because they were able to get an earlier appointment somewhere else.

And I completely understand where those parents are coming from—wanting to get the vaccine into their child’s arm as soon as possible. On the other hand, here’s why, if you have a choice, I recommend getting the vaccine at an Allied office rather than elsewhere.

Even if the vaccine location isn’t at your actual pediatrician’s office, getting a vaccine in an Allied pediatrician’s office has many advantages over getting it elsewhere. From a medical perspective, Allied offices are much better prepared than any other vaccine location site because they are specialists in caring for children. From bedside manner, to the monitoring for side effects, nobody can do it better than your trusted Allied pediatrician. From a record-keeping perspective, the COVID vaccine will automatically be entered into your child’s electronic medical record, where it will remain if your child needs proof of vaccination.

Also, if you have any questions, Allied staff has access to the records and the medical personnel readily available to answer them. If you have questions about anything relating to the vaccine — I am personally available 5 nights a week in after-hours telemedicine and would be more than happy to discuss any issues/concerns you may have about the vaccines. I’ve spoken to countless parents and teens already about the vaccine and would be happy to do a vaccine information visit with you!

My kids now are 23 (Cinderella girl), 19 and 16 years old. When it came time for each of them to get a COVID vaccine, each scheduling experience was totally different. My youngest received his first dose and will soon receive his 2nd dose and become the last member of our family to be fully vaccinated.

As always, looking forward to seeing you in after-hours Telemedicine!

Dr. Z

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