Self Care & Telemedicine

February 5, 2019

By: Naomi Zilkha, MD (Telemedicine- Allied Physicians Group)

Today I’d like you to think about self care. When I was a young mother, I don’t remember hearing that term.

I do remember being told:

“Sleep when the baby sleeps”

“Enjoy this time now, because you’ll miss it later”

And so many other things that proved to be not only useless but caused me to feel like I was not doing anything well enough when it came to my kids, and that I just wasn’t enough.

Fortunately, a lot of that advice has gone by the wayside, and awareness of the need for self-care for parents is on the rise.

So, here’s what I think:

After-hours Allied Telemedicine = great self-care for parents = great medical care for kids


I’m glad you asked.

Because, at the end of the day, parents are tired. And, of course, they will use every last bit of their energy if the best medical care is to take their child to urgent care or the ER.

BUT, what if you could get the best after-hours medical care without leaving home?

I can’t solve every after-hours issue by Telemedicine, but I can avoid needing to send patients to Urgent care or the ER about 75% of the time. Most of the time, with my advice, you can stay in the comfort of your home, and I can either fully address whatever your child’s issue is, or I can give you advice that will get you to the morning when you can see your regular Allied doctor.

My favorite Telemedicine consults are the ones where parents started out worried and end up smiling and relieved. There’s no better self care than that!!

So, when it’s after hours, remember to #ThinkTelemedicine first.

And, P.S.

You Are Enough. You are doing great at this parenting gig

– Dr. Z

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