Telemedicine Teamwork

February 6, 2019

By: Dr. Naomi Zilkha (Telemedicine, Allied Physicians Group)

It’s time for #TelemedicineTuesday, and it’s also the Chinese New Year, so Happy Year of the Pig to all those celebrating!

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about #Teamwork, and how one of the reasons that Allied Telemedicine is so great is because there’s a team involved.

Although, at first glance, a Telemedicine consult seems like no more than a more involved FaceTime call. But it’s much more than that because of all that goes into making sure that patient privacy (HIPAA) is maintained.

Yesterday evening, the WiFi on my street went down (probably as a result of the frigid weather), and I need WiFi and a strong, consistent bandwidth to do Allied Telemedicine visits.

At first, I tried to brainstorm on my own—I tried using my iPhone hotspot for WiFi, but I wasn’t sure that it was strong enough for the platform.

So, here’s where the teamwork came in. I called support, and we had a practice visit and determined that my iPhone hotspot was Not enough.

Next, I made a call to my supervisor who started to put out feelers to find another allied doc to cover for me for the evening.

Then, I contacted my Telemedicine patient coordinator to let her know my WiFi was out of service.

Because of the excellent teamwork, it all worked out, and after-hours Telemedicine still was able to happen.

Fortunately, my WiFi is back, and I am ready and looking forward to Telemedicine Consults tonight.

Go, Team!!

And remember, for after-hours urgent care, think Allied Telemedicine first!

-Dr. Z