Updates on the Monkeypox Outbreak

May 24, 2022

By: Dr. Eric Levene – Chester Pediatrics (White Plains, NY)

We are not monkeying around…

As if a worldwide pandemic did not fray our nerves enough, there have been two peanut butter recalls in the last few months, infant formula shortages, and now Monkeypox.

We are hearing about this “new” illness on the news, on our news feeds, on Twitter, and on TikTok.

Your trusted Allied pediatrician is here to say that Monkeypox is very rare and should not be an immediate concern for your family. The initial symptoms are fever, headache, muscle aches, and swollen glands, similar to flu, strep, and other common childhood viruses. However, the distinctive rash shows up after a few days. The rash starts as red dots and over a few days becomes fluid-filled blisters all over. It is not subtle, and you will naturally seek medical advice. 

More important than worrying about rare diseases is to protect your family from the rising COVID cases. Now is a great time to get your kids COVID vaccinated and boost everyone eligible. Hopefully, the FDA and CDC will soon approve COVID vaccines for our youngest patients. 

With warm weather headed our way, we suggest enjoying outdoor time with family and friends knowing that your Allied pediatrician will keep you updated on COVID, Monkeypox, and anything else that may affect your family. 

For more information on how Monkeypox is being mistaken for a sexually transmitted disease, please click here.

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