Give it a try!

October 15, 2019

By: Naomi Zilkha, MD (Telemedicine, Allied Physicians Group)

Hi Allied! It’s #TelemedicineTuesday!

Dr. Zilkha fun fact 1: As a senior in high school, I turned down admission to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to attend the 8-year medical program at Washington University in St. Louis (Wash U). One of my biggest dreads was having to take a humanities course (wouldn’t have had to at MIT).

Dr. Zilkha fun fact 2: As a freshman at Wash U, I took a course in Spanish Literature (to get those awful humanities requirements done with!), and to my shock, I Loved it!!! I ended up majoring in Renaissance Spanish Literature!!

Why did I tell you this? Well, as my younger daughter ended her fall break and boarded the bus bound for Cornell earlier today, I was thinking about all the things I learned in college. One of the most important, for me, was to try new things.

Although telemedicine isn’t really “new” anymore, telemedicine as part of a pediatric medical home still is new. And #AlliedTelemedicine is really ahead of the pediatric telemedicine curve in the sense that we’ve been doing it for close to 2 years now.

BUT, for some reason, our parents are wary to try it.

Please try it. I can’t promise it’s will be as exciting as Spanish Renaissance Literature was to me way back when, but I can promise that you will be glad you did—even just to see how cool the service really is, and how much is really can improve your child’s care by keeping within the medical home.

Remember, if you’re thinking about Allied after-hours care, #ThinkTelemedicine

-Dr. Z

Download it before you need it! To learn more about the Allied Telehealth program and how to download TytoCare, click here.

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