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COVID-19 and Telehealth

At Allied Physicians Group our main concern is the health and wellbeing of our patients and their families. The situation is evolving rapidly and we are making every effort to implement protocols to maximize safety within our 33 locations.

We understand there is a lot of fear and concern right now. The sensationalism and nonstop coverage from the media is making it difficult to respond rationally.

Fortunately, children have been having less severe infections. Children are exposed to many other coronaviruses every winter and this is thought to be one of the reasons why the infection is less severe in younger people. However, they can expose others who may be at greater risk for more severe outcomes.

If your child has fever and cough and is not ill-appearing, it is best to avoid our office. We are making every effort to safely keep these children out of the office. Currently, we are not able to test for COVID-19 in the office, and most hospitals are not testing unless there is a travel history or known direct exposure. Most ERs consult with infectious disease specialists and local Departments of Health. You cannot just walk in and ask for a test. If you think your child needs medical attention, please call us and we will arrange appropriate care.

In order to reduce the risk to our patients and their families, we are strongly encouraging the following:

We are asking all families to download our telehealth app, Anytime Pediatrics. To learn how to download the Anytime Pediatrics App, please see the directions below.
We strongly encourage considering virtual visits when appropriate. Below is a list of practices offering telehealth during the day. Our after-hours telehealth practice is open 7 nights a week, from 6:30 – 10:30 pm. 
We are asking families to limit the number of caregivers bringing the child to the office. 
We are asking families to bring only the patient to the office, no siblings. 
We are asking people over 60 to avoid the office unless there is absolutely no alternative.

For more information about COVID-19 and recommendations from our physicians please click here.

The most important aspect is to remain calm and rational. Allied physicians will continue to be accessible and provide the level of care you have come to expect. Our offices are still doing well visits.

Telehealth at Allied Physicians Group

The doctors at Allied Physicians Group are committed to enhancing the lives of our patients and parents. We know you’re busy, and that getting to the doctor isn’t always easy, so we’re bringing our doctors to you. Introducing our new and improved telehealth visits via the Anytime Pediatrics app!

A telehealth visit is a consultation, health check, or sick visit with an Allied Physicians Group Physician via video conferencing. It is comparable to a FaceTime or Skype call using an iOS or Android device. The physician is able to look at your child, manage symptoms, and talk to you from anywhere you are.

Download the AnyTime Pediatrics app from the App Store or Google Play to get started!


Ask your doctor about using telehealth for conditions such as:

✓    COVID-19 (coronavirus symptoms)

✓     Rash
✓     Colds and other minor illnesses
✓     Allergies
✓     Pink eye 
✓     Behavioral health
✓     Acne
✓     Constipation, diarrhea, or vomiting
✓     Minor trauma screening (cuts, abrasions, animal bites)


New Telehealth Pediatric Patients, Non-Allied Families

Telehealth day-time visits are available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 10:30pm. After-hour visits are available 7 days a week from 6:30pm to 10:30pm. New patients, please call 833-269-2444 and enter practice code 2444.

After-hours Telehealth Visits

After-hours telehealth visits are available 7 nights a week with the Allied pediatrician, from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

For technical issues or concerns, you can speak with a telehealth coordinator at 833-269-2444 anytime after 6:30pm.

Here’s how to get started!

Step 1 – Download the Anytime Pediatrics App


• You will be asked to enter a practice code.

Practice Codes: 

  • Allied After-Hours- 2444
  • Non Allied Families, New Telehealth Patients- 2444


Offices participating in daytime hours:


Step 2 – Log in on any device and initiate a visit with an Allied Physicians Group Physician

Step 3 – Your telehealth visit will occur

Step 4 – Return to your daily activity without disruption

Is there a cost associated with Telehealth visits?

Self Pay visits are $59.

Covered by ALL insurance plans.

No co-pay.

Allied’s After-Hours Telehealth Pediatrician

Dr. Naomi Levine Zilkha was born in the Bronx and raised on Long Island.  She attended Washington University in St. Louis for both college and medical school.  She then returned home, got married and did her residency in pediatrics at Long Island Jewish Schneider Children’s Hospital. After that, Dr. Zilkha was in pediatric private practice on Long Island for nearly 20 years.  In 2015, she began a transition from in-person primary care to pediatric telemedicine.  She has been a pediatric virtualist for the telemedicine company MDLIVE since 2016 and is very excited to now bring her telemedicine expertise to Allied Physicians Group.  Dr. Zilkha and her husband have 2 daughters, Joely and Janna.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, organic gardening and ballroom dancing.

Click here for an update from Allied Physicians Group about the Coronavirus- COVID19 infections in our area.