Telemedicine & Rashes Part 2.

May 7, 2019

By: Naomi Zilkha, MD (Telemedicine, Allied Physicians Group)

Hi Allied! It’s #TelemedicineTuesday

This week I’ve seen many different rashes. (Parents worried about measles, but NO Measles)

The rashes have ranged from a newborn with diaper rash to a toddler in daycare with a human bite to a pre-schooler with hives from head to toe, to an elementary schooler with lice (and a neck rash), a middle schooler with eczema, a high schooler with ringworm, and a college student with lots of broken blood vessels on his face from vomiting.

All of the above rashes I was able to take care of 100% by Telemedicine. There was one last night that had a sandpaper-type rash on the back that I was concerned might be scarlet fever (which is another way of saying “strep with a rash”). Since I couldn’t do a culture with Telemedicine, I was still able to reassure the patient that she didn’t need to run out to urgent care, and could wait for this morning.

Another awesome thing about last night’s consult was that this patient was a transfer to Allied, and had a complicated medical history that mom couldn’t entirely remember. I was able to easily pull up the scanned transferred records in the Allied EMR which directly lead me to giving more comprehensive advice to this mom.

One tip for Telemedicine visits with rashes: if you can upload photos to the Tyto app before the visit, it will be a great help. It’s not possible to upload photos while we’re doing the visit, and it’s worked pretty well for parents to hold up photos to the webcam, but uploading them would be even better. Sometimes I can see the rash really well during the live visit, but sometimes the lighting isn’t ideal, and the photos are easier than the live virtual exam.

Remember, for after-hours urgent care, think #AlliedTelemedicineFirst

– Dr. Z

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