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Allied Physicians Group is available for immunology across New York and the greater metropolitan area.

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Immunology Care Across New York

Immunology focuses on the immune system and its response to certain triggers. Our advanced specialists study you or your loved one’s conditions, perform accurate diagnostic testing, and create targeted treatment plans to benefit their immune system, overall health, and quality of life.

Ideally, the immune system should ward off intruders in the body, like harmful bacteria or viruses. When functioning properly, all components of the system work together to fight against the dangers and damages of the microbial world, keeping the body healthy and pain-free.

However, if there are complications with the system’s network of tissues and cells, it can cause improper function. Problems can cause the system not to attack bacteria as strongly. Certain conditions cause the system to become hypersensitive to triggers or even attack healthy cells in the body.

No matter how your loved one’s immune system reacts, Allied’s immunologists are available to care for all kinds of immunological complications.

Why Is My Child’s Immune System Malfunctioning?

In most cases, immunology issues are inherited or a result of genetic complications.

What Immunology Conditions and Disorders Could Affect My Child?

Immunological conditions, diseases, and disorders can include:

  • Anaphylaxis, or severe allergic reactions
  • Celiac disease
  • Chronic hives
  • Chronic infections
  • Hereditary Angioedema
  • Juvenile arthritis
  • Lack of antibody production
  • Lupus
  • Psoriasis
  • Type-1 Diabetes
  • White blood cell disorders
  • Plus, many more immune system complications your child can experience.

Benefits of Immunology Care from Allied Physicians Group

The immunology specialists at Allied Physicians Group offer the care you or your loved one needs to manage their immune system and achieve the best health possible. No matter the condition affecting the function of their system, our immunologists work to provide the right treatments, management plans, and more for the health and well-being of every patient.