Facing Bullying at School: Advice from the Experts

Bullying is the sad and scary reality of sending your child to school. These stories we hear far too often. Whether it is your child being targeted or involved in the offense, it can be hard to understand why it’s happening. There are many questions crossing parents’ minds, such as, “Why does bullying occur in the first place?” or “How do I identify if my child is being bullied or is a bully?” Allied Physicians Group is here to answer your questions.

Speakers Include:

Dr. Kerry Fierstein, CEO of Allied Physicians Group & Pediatrician, Pediatric Health Associates (Plainview, NY)
Dr. Marc Lashley, Chair of Allied Physicians Group Mental Health Committee and Practicing Pediatrician,  Valley Stream Pediatrics (Valley Stream, NY) and Island Pediatric Associates (Rockaway Park, NY) 
Dr. Janice Montague, Mental Health Champion and Practicing Pediatrician, Tuxedo Pediatrics (Suffern, NY)
Joe Salamone, Founder & Executive Director of The Long Island Coalition Against Bullying