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Managing Spring Allergies

Spring allergies are here and it is important to control allergy symptoms aggressively. Starting before the Spring pollen season is always the best advice but now that we are in the height of it, the best you can do is try to control it. The weather is getting nicer and you…

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COVID-19 AND YOUR KIDS: What you need to know from your trusted health experts

Doctors, Patrick Hynes (One Pediatrics- Louisville, KY), Raphael Strauss (Allied Physicians Group, NY), Shauna Freedman (PediaTrust- Chicago, IL), Kerry Fierstein (Allied Physicians Group, NY), and Susan Sirota (PediaTrust- Chicago, IL) come together to talk about Coronavirus and your kids. Covering: – Talking to Your Children about Quarantine and Social Distancing…

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Prenatal Breastfeeding

A new baby is such an exciting time for a family, but it can be overwhelming for parents, siblings, and grandparents. There is just so much to learn! The pediatricians at Allied Physicians Group have your back and are virtually hosting, “Baby Basics: Prenatal Breastfeeding!” Our pediatricians and breastfeeding experts…

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